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Property services

In másporm€nos, we offer you the options, terms and advances as well as technological and economical that your project needs and a range of services which give tailor made solutions:

  • Administration of assets for Banks and savings banks, offering all the formalities our client may need, from the allocation of the property to its sale or rental.
  • Management of cooperative of apartments, facilitating the acquisition of properties in a beneficial price which allows the self-financing.
  • Management of buying and selling of properties, we advise our clients from the signature of the deposit to the execution of the deed which they want to buy or sell.
  • Comprehensive project management, offering from the beginning a comprehensive management to the delivery or "turnkey"
  • Urban management, doing everything needed for the transformation of the plot.
  • Plot management, commercializing and advising you in your purchase/sale.
  • Marketing and commercialization, elaborating a marketing plan based in an exhaustive market survey which will allow us to direct with success the commercial efforts.

Banks Real Estate Portal Services

In másporm€nos, we help you increase your business possibilities offering your assets through our collaborating network, in our online billboard and in an ample portfolio of collectives and client groups which are part of our list of customers and investors.

In másporm€nos we select and classify the demands of properties received, offering the best option between all of the assets which fits better the demand to guarantee the success of the buying and selling and the satisfaction of the customer.

In másporm€nos all of our clients get what they are looking for, with the security, relief and guarantee that the proposals we present them are the best and the ones which best fit their needs, offering them as well different ways of work and help to be able to access the properties.

Commercial networks

  • Collaborating agents locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Several selling points of our real estate másporm€nos.
  • Contributors and contact network within our labour and professional collectives.
  • Real estate website with daily actualizations linked and positioned in multiple search engines.

Indirect sale

  • Local and national real estate agencies.
  • Collaborators abroad.
  • Other real estate websites.

Direct sale

  • Sales office and show flat in the same development.
  • másporm€nos sale points and its collaborators.
  • Labour collectives national and internationally.
  • Direct and specific commercial actions directed to an interest group.
  • Package placement for invest funds
  • Website